Editing a dashboard setting

Edit tile from the dashboard gear icon

To edit the dashboard setting, double-click the GEAR ICON on the top right corner.

You will see a form like this.

Setting Editing model

  1. Fill up the CHART TITLE field to identify your correct tile. If you leave it blank a default title will be placed there.

  2. Select an item from the ORDER BY FIELD list. You will get data order by depending on that selected field. This field will affect the previous and next tile positions.

  3. Select an item from the WIDTH field. We use a 12 column grid system to control the width of every tile.

  4. Enter a LIMIT such as 10 or 100. It will pull that number of records to analysis. If you leave it blank all data will pull and a performance issue can arise.

  5. Select a MODEL.

    • If you select the Task model from the list. You will be limited to selecting the CHART TYPE. Chart type list will be selected by default.

      1. Select a TASK form list. You will get a list of task types of METER READING.

    • If you select the Activity Order model.

      1. Select a CHART TYPE from the list. You can select any Chart type except Line chart.

      2. Select a Related model with the Activity Order model from the GROUP BY FIELD NAME list.

      3. RELATIONSHIP NAME field will be selected depending on GROUP BY FIELD NAME.

  6. Check the LEGEND VISIBILITY checkbox. If you do not want the legend key, then leave it unchecked.

  7. Check the VISIBILITY checkbox. If you do not want to show this tile in the dashboard, then uncheck it.

  8. Click SAVE BUTTON

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