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Complete my activities

My Activity notifications

You will see a list of activity orders in the MY ACTIVITIES tab in which activities are assigned to the current user.

Complete assigned activity

To complete an activity, click on the MY ACTIVITY menu item from the left sidebar, then click on the edit icon for which activity you want to complete from the activities list.

You will see a view like below.

Handling Tab

First of all, double-click on a specific task edit icon from the list.
Your screen will look like this.
TASK RESULT input fields can change depending on TASK TYPE.
You can change only results and files fields.
Now you need to complete TASK, then update the task TASK RESULT and FILES if require. After updating values click on SAVE BUTTON
In the general tab, you will see,
  • ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION you read and update this field on demand.
  • ACTIVITY SUMMARY you read and update this field on demand.
  • ACTIVITY INSTRUCTION you read and update this field on demand.
You can upload and remove files. And download files by clicking on this list.

# List

List items will be selected by default. You will not able to select it.

# Activity status

First of all, you need to finish all tasks. Then click on ACTIVITY STATUS then update the status. If all tasks finish successfully then you can select Closed Completed or have some issues but are done then select Closed, Incomplete.

# Completion data

You can select a date of completion of the activity.

More and Save

You can click on the MORE button to get more info on the modal.
When all things are done click on the SAVE button.